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Q: How often should my pet have an exam or blood work?

A: The age and overall health of an animal frequently determines how often they should be seen. The veterinarians at Garden District Animal Hospital recommend that young puppies and kittens should be examined once a year after they have received their initial vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered. Adult pets should have annual exams, with blood work completed as needed. Senior animals may be recommended to come in twice a year, and blood work is recommended once a year after they are geriatric.

Q: Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

A: Bacteria that accumulates in the mouth of your pet not only affects their teeth and gums, but can cause damage to their liver, kidneys, and heart. Pets with the benefit of regular veterinary dental cleanings can live longer than animals without this same level of care. Keep your pet healthy longer by scheduling a dental appointment at Garden District Animal Hospital.

Q: What should I do if I notice visible parasites on my pet?

A: If you notice visible parasites on your furry family member, call Garden District Animal Hospital right away to have them seen by one of our experienced and professional veterinarians. Fleas, ticks, and ear mites can often be seen, yet certain mites are not visible to the naked eye. In the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana, we have mild winters, which means these nasty parasites are active all twelve months, and can feed on our pets even during the wintertime. These parasites do more than merely look disgusting; they can also cause allergic reactions, and transmit life-threatening diseases to our pets.

The best way to deal with these external parasites is to prevent them from attaching themselves to our pets. Garden District Animal Hospital has some of the safest and most effective preventative products available, so you can begin providing your pet with a preventative right away. Typically, you can achieve this by giving a flea and tick preventative year-round to your pet. Stop pests before they can make a blood meal of your constant companion. Call one of our team members at Garden District Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment today.

Q: What are heartworms, and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

A: Heartworms are extremely common in the Baton Rouge and Port Allen areas of Louisiana and can infect both our canine companions AND our feline friends. Heartworms are transmitted from infected mosquitoes as juvenile worms known as microfilaria. Unless your pet is on a heartworm preventative, these immature worms can grow into adults that can cause severe damage to the animal’s blood vessels, lungs, and heart, and may even cause death. Remember that a monthly preventative not only keeps your dog or cat healthy, but is less expensive than the treatment of adult heartworms. The experienced veterinarians at Garden District Animal Hospital will determine which preventative is right for your pet, based on their needs and lifestyle. Schedule an appointment for your dog or cat and get them on a heartworm preventative today…it can save their lives!

Q: Are financing options are offered or will payment be expected at the time of service?

A: Payment is expected at the time of service. However, cash, all major credit cards, and Care Credit are accepted at Garden District Animal Hospital.

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