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In-Clinic Diagnostics

Diagnostic bloodwork is one of the most important tools to diagnose infections, illness, and disease in pets at Garden District Animal Hospital. Blood testing provides our veterinarians with information that can only be determined from lab work, which could not be found with a physical exam alone. Due to the critical information bloodwork provides regarding the overall health of each pet, Garden District Animal Hospital has one of the most advanced laboratories available here at our clinic in Baton Rouge.

Our bloodwork laboratory provides an accurate analysis to our experienced veterinarians within minutes, meaning treatment can begin immediately if necessary. The compassionate doctors at Garden District Animal Hospital recommend bloodwork before any surgery, just as people experience at human hospitals. Bloodwork values can indicate whether a pet has an underlying issue should be resolved before the procedure, and helps ensure surgery is as safe as possible for your animal companion.

What types of values can be measured by the laboratory at Garden District Animal Hospital?

The blood work laboratory at our veterinary hospital provides Dr. Andersen her invaluable information regarding organ function, complete blood counts (CBCs), hydration levels, urinalysis data, and thyroid function testing. Our CBC analyzer indicates the ability of blood to clot, the existence of anemia, the presence of infection, hydration levels, and the presence of certain types of leukemia. The blood chemistry system at Garden District Animal Hospital can quickly and accurately provide information on the health of organs including the liver and kidneys. Hydration status can also be determined using this unit, which can indicate whether a pet requires fluid administration. Thyroid levels are also measured with our blood chemistry unit, which can determine if a pet has a condition such as hyper or hypothyroidism. Finally, our urinalysis analyzer can indicate kidney and urinary tract infections, liver disease, and kidney stones.

The combination of the experience of our veterinarians and the cutting-edge equipment at Garden District Animal Hospital makes our clinic a clear choice for the healthcare of your animal companion in the Baton Rouge area. Please call one of our caring team members today, and become a part of the Garden District Animal Hospital family for the life of your precious pet.