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Pet Insurance

As costs continue to rise, we want to ensure that your pets receive the care they need in case of an accident, illness, or disease. When making medical decisions for your fur baby, having insurance can alleviate the financial burden so you can decide what is best for them.

The average cost for an accident and illness plan for a dog is $50/month.

The average cost for an accident and illness plan for a cat is $28/month.

To treat a dog with allergies could be $800-1,500 a year (including exams, skin testing, injections, oral medications, food, shampoos). Surgery to remove a foreign body or a urinary stone from a cat can be $800-$1,000, and would need to be done promptly.

How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance can cover the cost of an emergency surgery, skin issues, diagnostic tests, and prescription medications. It can be used at your local vet clinic, emergency hospital, or specialty hospitals. In most cases, payment is made by the client in full at the time of service. Claims are submitted electronically, usually with an app or by email, and the insurance company will reimburse the client within 30 days. Just like in human medicine, there is a variance of premiums, deductibles, and coverage. Pre-existing conditions are typically not covered, so getting your puppy or kitten insured is the best way to assure that ALL conditions are covered, from diarrhea to cancer.

You can decide what is best for your pet: Accident coverage, illness coverage, and/or a wellness plan. We understand that it can be confusing to navigate pet insurance options. We work with all pet insurance companies, but here are a few that we are more familiar with.

Pumpkin Insurance:

• Comprehensive coverage whose deductible renews annually
• Can choose accident, illness, and wellness plans
• 90% reimbursement rate once deductible is met
• Includes exam fees, behavioral issues, dental disease, and prescription foods

Trupanion Insurance:

• Deductible per condition for the life of the pet (For example, once the deductible is met for allergies, you will receive 90% reimbursement for the lifetime.)
• Accident and illness plans offered with 90% reimbursement
• Includes diagnostic tests, medications, and surgeries.

Pawlicy Advisor:

Pawlicy is a website that compares 5 pet insurance companies for you!

Care Credit:

Lastly, for our fur babies with pre-existing conditions, we highly recommend financing through Care Credit.

Care Credit allows you to separate your payment into monthly installments. Offers immediate access to funds. 6-month, interest free terms. No annual fee.

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