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Does your pet scratch excessively? Are you finding red and inflamed skin conditions? Your pet could be suffering from an allergic condition. Allergic reactions in our pets are typically caused when an animal is allergic to something in their environment (such as dust, pollen, or grass), flea bites, or food allergies. At Garden District Animal Hospital, Dr. Andersen and her experienced team have successfully diagnosed and treated countless pets with allergies in the Baton Rouge area, and they will bring this same level of diligence to your constant companion. How are allergies diagnosed and treated at Garden District Animal Hospital?

It is essential that our doctors know what is causing the itch in your pet. Therefore, allergy testing and food trials are always recommended by the experienced veterinarians at Garden District Animal Hospital. After obtaining these results, our veterinarians have a greater understanding of how to potentially treat the allergic condition.

Sublingual immunotherapy is often referred to as “allergy shots” in people. This process involves our veterinarians placing a liquid with tiny amounts of the item causing the allergic reaction under the tongue of the pet. Over time, the amount of the irritant is increased which allows your pet to use their immune system to build a tolerance to the allergen. Other allergy treatments are available at Garden District Animal Hospital, including an oral tablet and an injection of medications that can block the feeling of the itch before it ever reaches the brain and causes them to scratch. All three of these therapies are extraordinarily safe and effective, and our caring doctors will determine which one will work best for the individual needs of your pet.

The longer you wait to begin treatment of an allergic condition, the more difficult it is to bring it under control. If you feel your pet companion may be exhibiting signs of an allergic condition, schedule an appointment for an evaluation at Garden District Animal Hospital today.